The Freedom to Easily Use & Protect Your Investment

U.S. Patent # 8,783,276

Uncover & cover your boat completely in seconds!

  • Facilitates a safer removal and installation of mooring cover.
  • Quick removal and installation of heavy mooring covers by only one able bodied person.
  • Easy to operate without complex equipment or failing motors. 1000’s in use!

Easily Protects your investment

  • Remove your cover to reveal your boat exactly the way you left it. 
  • Eliminate damaging UV rays
  • System pays for itself with near zero professional detailing.
  • Saves precious time by eliminating aggressive cleaning.
  • Save money by preventing costly replacement of weather worn items.
  • Keeps interior dry and dirt free.
  • Mitigates mold and mildew.
  • Deters bugs, rats and other pests from entering and damaging boat.
  • Theft deterrent (Out of sight = Out of mind)
  • Keeps your boat and expensive gear from prying eyes.
  • Better than a boat house.
  • Less expensive
  • Complete coverage Vs. top side only

Attractive covers

  • Liberty Mooring cover is near same size as a full cover.
  • Minimal view interference.
  • Wide selection of colors made to withstand the elements. 

Custom made for any size boat

  • High Tech Digital scanning of boat and 3D CAD design ensures perfect design, fit and repeat-ability.
  • Professional or DIY Installation
  • Many add on options (Bird Deterrent, Solar Charger, Shore Power, Cleat Pockets, Lightning Arrest, Dual Height Parking, Bumpers, Leash, Storage Bag, Custom Egress/Egress, Etc.)
  • Limited 5-year warranty on Liberty Structure™ & Limited 5 year MFG on Liberty Cover™ Ensures your system will operate easily and near maintenance free for years and years.

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