See2Sea™ Marine Enclosures


Welcome to See2Sea™ marine enclosures by Marco Canvas. See2Sea™ is the clearest of marine enclosures and is the only enclosure system with a limited 5-year warranty against any discoloration. See2Sea™ is made from modified impact resistant acrylic sheet glass. Acrylics are naturally UVA/UVB resistant and is why so many outdoor items are made from clear acrylic, (Yacht enclosures, Hatches, Doors, spray shields, golf cart, helicopter, motorcycle, and golf cart windshields, automotive lens and much more). See2Sea™ is also blocking UV rays at approximately 65%. Protecting you, your passengers and your interior.

See2Sea™ glass is bonded, never sewn, to the highest quality marine fabrics for clean & matching lines that blend in or contrast the boat. The clarity is so good, and fabrics match so well you may not even notice a yacht/boat even has a See2Sea™ enclosure! Unlike soft enclosures, (Aka Isinglass, clear/soft PVC), See2Sea™ is not sensitive to bug spray or sun tan oils and cleans very easily. Just fresh water rinse and/or water, mild boat soap and a soft cloth. Marco Canvas does recommend the use of 210 spray as a cleaner, polish, anti-static, anti-fog and plasticizer sealant to keep your C2C like new. Never use traditional glass cleaners! See2Sea™ enclosures employ pin up panels, sliding panels or doors, mesh wind vents or the EZ vent makes it simple to allow for fresh air or an easy access where you want/need it. Or mix and match with soft clear Strataglass® for a roll up window. If See2Sea™ gets scratched it can be buffed out or mild scratches can be removed with 210 polish/scratch removers. (210 and 210 polish/scratch remover is available for sale at Marco Canvas)

We feel one look at See2Sea™ enclosure clarity and its long-term value, it will be Easy to See Why, See2Sea™ is your clearest choice for marine enclosures! 

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